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Knowhow from designing to user training

Each project starts with requirement analysis

We start each surface treatment project by analyzing the customers requirements and needs. Main bases for the designing are finding out the required capacity, painting process and workpiece features, optimizing the use of space, production and cost efficiency. We want to be involved in improving our customers production and product quality in all parts, related to products surface treatment, painting and surface treatment logistics. Overall management and knowledge of the above is an advantage which our customers value and which give clear benefit to our customers.

Early stage planning gives the best advantage

Whether the issue being lay-out designing of totally new production spaces or renewal of existing spaces, our customer gets the best benefit when we are involved in the planning in as early stage as possible. We are a professional surface treatment partner understanding your company’s and production’s needs and doing the designing professionally. Thanks to our long-term experience and numerous deliveries we can define exact requirements concerning the functions, operations and maintenance. We can consider material flow logistics and optimize the use of the factory space – now and in the future.