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Customized industrial painting plants and equipment

Color change cabins

Gema MagicCompact® Equiflow
– high quality painting result

Gema MagicCompact® Equiflow offers excellent working conditions and quick color change. Gema has developed an Equiflow technic and thanks to this technic based air guidance powder spraying is easily controlled which ensures best possible result. A non-conductive plastic construction and self-cleaning floor reduce powder collection on cabin constructions. Quick cleaning and color change add efficiency and save time.

Gema MagicCylinder®
– quick color change visionary

Gema MagicCylinder II is a class-leading in quick color changing systems. Color change from black to white takes 12 minutes in maximum. Powder painting cabin with plastic construction is brilliantly designed and a visionary in quick color change powder painting. The cabin is suitable also for manual powder painting, so it serves in best possible way every users who must change color often.

In addition to color change cabins our product range also includes Gema’s powder controls, reciprocators, control terminals and control units. Ask for more information from our customer service.