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since 1978

Customized pretreatment and painting lines

Sasmetor Oy is specialized in designing and manufacturing versatile pretreatment and painting lines and individual devices. Our customers are small and large companies from wood processing, metal and plastic industry. Sasmetor® surface treatment lines are designed based on customers premises and individual production needs.

The purchase of a painting line is a long-term investment when it is carried out carefully from the beginning and an experienced domestic professional is involved as an equipment supplier.

Metal industry products

Painting lines | Pretreatment lines | Painting cabins | Conveyors | Process ovens | Heat treatment ovens

We are ready.

Ask Sasmetor to join for the development of the paint shop even before planning.

Products of the wood processing industry

Plane lines | Spray painting cabins | Drying ovens | Painting automates | Conveyors

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