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Industrial ovens for dying, polymerization and process use

Industrial ovens

We design and manufacture heat treatment and industrial ovens for wood processing and metal industries different requirements as “ready for use” – deliveries.

Right construction materials and dimensioning are designed according to operation requirements, products and capacity. Ovens are insulated convection ovens from their construction. When designing special solutions we notice customer’s very individual production requirements.

Chamber and batch ovens offer more flexible production and they are suitable for varied applications, such as paint and varnish drying, powder paint curing and heat treatment. Tunnel ovens are used for water drying, paint drying and powder curing.

Oven temperature can be selected according to purpose of use between +30…+550oC. Insulation thickness is customized according to operation temperature so, that heating energy will be used as efficient as possible. Ovens can be equipped with manual or automatic conveyors and doors.

Our ovens have standard exhaust air connection and available is also an exhaust air fan.

Heating energy options are electricity, water, gas and steam.

Control systems according to the use

Oven operation control either with standard electric terminal with thermostat or with programmable logic which provides easy gradation for temperature increasing, holding and decreasing cycles. If necessary, the operation can be connected to conveyor system.

Temperature uniformity and accuracy can be chosen according to the use.