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Versatile and realible conveyor systems

Sliding track systems for manual transfer

Our sliding track systems are intended for example to building manual overhead conveyor systems and sliding door systems. The system consists from standard parts and it enables to build an economic and flexible conveyor system for 5-3000 kg load weights.

Versatile use

Our manual overhead conveyor systems are suitable for several purposes, such as load and cable suspension, cross transferring and sliding doors. Our systems with hoists offer several benefits:

  • Economy
  • Wide range of track profiles
  • Standard parts for multi-purposes
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to use
  • Minimum need for maintenance
  • Modifications and extensions easily fulfil

Durability in all operating conditions

All system parts are of high standard and as zinced they are suitable both for indoors and outdoors use. With its strong construction the conveyor system is practically maintenance free.

Track joint are equipped with special brackets to ensure steady connections and tracks remain straight also with heavy loads.