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Customized industrial painting plants and equipment

wet painting chambers

The chambers are measured according to customer’s premises and work pieces to be painted. The passage doors for products are either mechanical or manual. Amount of wicket doors depends on distances.

  • Fire technical construction normally EI60
  • Illuminators behind movable cover classes recessed on the smooth inside walls, when the illuminators are safe from the paint dust
  • Filtered air from the compensation air fan is lead evenly to the chamber from the roof
  • Exhaust air suction powered through either filters on the floor hole or filters installed on the walls
  • Compensation and circulation air heating with water, oil, electricity or steam
  • Logic terminal with automatic and adjustable painting, evaporation, paint drying and cooling phases

Most common additional
equipment for the chambers

  • Wall-mounted in three direction moving working platforms
  • Conveyor tracks on the roof for hangers
  • Paint storages and pump rooms
  • Gas control automatic
  • Emergency shower
  • Heat recovery