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Customized industrial painting plants and equipment

Cartridge filter cabinet
for manual powder spraying

Cabin wall and roof structures can be chosen case by case. Filter cartridges and filter cleaning system are located in a separate suction chamber. There is a waste powder dust collector below the cartridges where in the filters flocked powder will fall after cleaning strokes. In front of the cartridges there is a detachable cover for filter changing.

  • Exhaust fan with motor on the roof
    or on top of the filter units
  • Control terminal with
    cleaning system timers
    and operating switches

Extra equipment:

  • Lifting platform for the painter
  • Powder circulation (only in standard color use)

Painting cabin
for manual powder spraying

This chamber is on its best when painting large objects precisely and in small series and when the overspray powder will not be circulated. The painter can move in the chamber freely around the paintable work pieces.

The chamber has similar technical characteristics as cartridge filter cabin (see above), but varies from it in size and application.

  • Grid floor prevents powder dust from passing to other working environment
  • Control terminal with cleaning system timers and operation switches
  • Automatically cleaning cartridge filter units on cabin side
  • Exhaust fan with after filter on the chamber roof
  • Additionally available with wall-mounted in three direction moving working platforms