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Specialized knowhow from designing to user training

Customer requirement analysis

Analyzing of the product or process and possible development

Solution-oriented overall designing

Value-added products and production processes

Solution optimization

Most reasonable device delivery for raising customers competitiveness, productivity and volume

Sasmetor’s in-house manufacturing

Lines and individual devices made by our own production

Start-up and training

Complete installation and start-up services ensures the overall process operational reliability

Manuals and operation instructions

Clear manuals and operation instructions ensure the operation also after delivery

After-sales services


Fast maintenance service

Customized expansions and updates

More efficiency and quality with audits

Remote controlling ensures competitiveness far to the future

Manufacturing according to official regulations


We in Sasmetor follow EU’s changing regulations. This way we ensure to our customers, that our devices and plants operate according to latest EU-regulations and respecting the environmental aspects.